Family Law


Minor disagreements between spouses are to be expected.  Prolonged, destructive conflict is not. When such conflict arises and divorce ensues, we offer aggressive legal representation.

Having litigated contentious multimillion dollar family law actions, our attorneys understand the complexities, hostilities, and anxieties relating to the issues of property division, spousal support, child custody and visitation, and child support.  At the outset of the case, we quickly ascertain your needs, determine your goals, and carefully investigate the opposition’s claims.  Armed with a thorough understanding of the case, we ardently advocate your interests with compassion and zeal.

We also prepare prenuptial agreements, postnuptial marital agreements, and cohabitation agreements. During consultation, we examine your assets, debts, and obligations. We take a pragmatic and sensitive approach to ensure dialogue, promote understanding, and establish peace of mind.

Our family law practice includes:

Prenuptial Agreements Divorce Spousal Support/Alimony
Postnuptial Marital Agreements Separation & Mediation Child Custody, Support & Visitation
Guardianships Property Division Asset Protection



  • Represented a celebrated Hollywood producer and director, whose assets included royalties from a long-running, internationally-syndicated sitcom and royalties from acclaimed feature films, in his divorce from his wife.
  • Represented a diamond mine heiress in a cross-jurisdictional divorce involving international child abduction and international assets located in South Africa and the United States.
  • Represented a spouse, after substituting in as new counsel just one month before trial in an action seeking additional property and spousal support, and obtained a complete dismissal of the entire action, with no award of any property or support.
  • Represented a spouse in a divorce proceeding involving the distribution of domestic and international assets valued at approximately $25 million and prepared a favorable marital settlement agreement.
  • Represented a petitioner for guardianship of a minor’s estate containing insurance proceeds and other assets.