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Our reputation is built on winning lawsuits and closing well-structured deals. Our proven results have even prompted other attorneys to hire us to advance their interests.

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Practical Solutions

Your Concerns Are Our Concerns.

We offer practical solutions.  Resources are not wasted on theories and possibilities.  We devise a definitive strategy to quickly accomplish your objectives.  With litigation, we apply a surgical approach, employing appropriate motions to promptly win your case.  With transactions, we develop innovative solutions that limit unnecessary risk and advance your bottom line.  

Lean & Mean Advocacy

We represent our clients efficiently and economically. We do not maintain a bureaucratic staff with high operating costs. We do not charge paralegal fees, secretary fees, and law clerk fees. Time and resources are never wasted.

Incisive & Decisive Strategies

We devise definitive strategies to achieve your objectives. With litigation, we apply a surgical approach, using appropriate motions to win your case. We develop novel solutions that limit risk and advance your bottom line.

Comprehensive Insight & Foresight

We are trial and transactional attorneys. In litigation, we capitalize on our knowledge of contracts to maximize your recovery. With transactions, we craft contracts that capitalize on our knowledge of litigation tactics to safeguard your interests.

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Representative Matters

Obtained the complete dismissal of an action on behalf of an entrepreneur, who was accused of embezzling over $40 million from a healthcare organization, was under investigation by the FBI, and was sued by a team of leading Fortune 500 trial attorneys.​

Represented an attorney, who was secretly recorded in a private conversation, against a national collection agency and obtained a high, confidential settlement.

Obtained immediate relief at the outset of litigation on behalf of a prominent real estate investor against two real estate professionals, both of whom were represented by celebrity counsel, for defrauding the investor into purchasing real property.

Represented an attorney and four passengers who were severely injured in a rear-end freeway collision and obtained a high, confidential settlement.

Represented a spouse, after substituting in as new counsel one month before trial in an action seeking additional property and spousal support, and obtained a complete dismissal of the entire action, with no award of any property or support.  

Crafted a multimillion dollar estate plan for a legendary Hong Kong producer of martial arts films.