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Successful Track Record

We have successfully litigated and defended multimillion dollar actions. We have defeated parties represented by leading Fortune 500 trial attorneys, Am Law 100 attorneys, and preeminent celebrity counsel. We have obtained judgments, dismissals, and settlements, all in our clients' favor.

Comprehensive Insight

Our attorneys are trial attorneys and transactional lawyers. With our litigation background, we skillfully craft and negotiate contracts, minimizing your risk of litigation. With our transactional background, we capitalize on our knowledge of contracts in litigation, maximizing your ability to recover.

Diverse Industry Experience

We have represented individuals, partnerships, corporations, and limited liability companies. We have counseled clients in a number of industries, including retail, finance, real estate and construction, hospitality, food, healthcare, and information technology.

Scholarship & Expertise

Our attorneys have served as contributors and editors of academic law reviews and scholarly law journals. Our attorneys have written legal research articles and contributed to attorney practitioner guides that examine the current state of the law, proposed changes in the law, and new developments in the law.

Outstanding Training

Our attorneys began their legal careers at prominent law firms that are distinguished by their representation of Fortune 500 companies, their successful litigation record, and their leadership in structuring complex transactions. These law firms are consistently recognized by Martindale-Hubbell, Chambers USA, and AM Law as elite law firms.

Judicial Intuition

We have a thorough understanding of the judicial process. Our attorneys were judicial externs for the appellate courts of the State of California. As judicial externs, we assisted appellate justices with their rulings by scrutinizing appellate briefs, examining trial records, and drafting bench memoranda.

Client Driven. Results Proven. Trial Tested.

Why Choose Us

Litigation Record

We have successfully litigated actions against Fortune 500 attorneys, obtaining judgments, dismissals and settlements in our clients' favor.

Contract Expertise

We have successfully negotiated multimillion dollar transactions, securing prices, terms and conditions in our clients' favor.

Transparent Fees

We charge simple flat fees or or hourly rates. There are no hidden fees. We do not charge overhead costs, paralegal fees, or secretary fees.

> 10,000

Client Consultations

> 2,500

Contracts Reviewed

> $100 M

Damages Litigated

> $250 M

Transactions Negotiated

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