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We represent a diverse range of clients in business and commercial law, real estate and construction law, family law, personal injury law, and estate planning.  

We have counseled clients in a number of industries, including retail, finance, real estate and construction, hospitality, food, healthcare, and information technology.  

Business & Commercial Law

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Aspiring entrepreneurs and established businesses face a variety of challenges in the complex marketplace. Frequently, individuals hastily form a business without adequate planning. They set themselves up for litigation and financial failure. Likewise, many existing businesses fail to implement risk management programs, exposing their assets to liability.

We help you plan against such failures, anticipating potential issues and providing proactive solutions that effectively and efficiently address those issues. When, however, a dispute requires or results in a lawsuit, we vigorously pursue your matter in court. We take a pragmatic, cost-effective approach that emphasizes your goals and concerns to ensure that we advance your interests.

We have counseled individual entrepreneurs, partnerships, corporations, and LLCs. We have represented clients in a number of industries, including retail, finance, real estate, hospitality, food, healthcare, and information technology.  We have litigated and negotiated multimillion dollar matters.


  • Obtained the complete dismissal of an action on behalf of an entrepreneur, who was accused of embezzling over $40 million from a healthcare organization, was under investigation by the FBI, and was sued by a team of leading Fortune 500 trial attorneys.
  • Enforced a limited liability company’s contract rights against two businessmen represented by veteran appellate counsel and, following a two-month trial, obtained relief in favor of the limited liability company.
  • Enforced a lender’s rights to collect on promissory notes against a medical facility that accused the lender of misappropriating over $10 million.
  • Substituted in as new counsel just one month before trial in defense of an information technology specialist, who was accused of misappropriating $1 million from a partner and forging that partner’s signature, and obtained a complete dismissal of the entire action.
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Real Estate & Construction

Constant changing conditions in the market make real estate a challenging endeavor. Whether you are buying or selling, renting or leasing, managing or developing real estate, having experienced counsel who can navigate the complexities of real estate matters is critical.

We provide the insight to guide you through your real estate transactions and possess the sophistication to handle your real estate disputes. Our attorneys have represented private developers, landlords, design professionals, general contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers, construction managers, and property managers.

Our attorneys have handled a wide array of real estate projects, including commercial spaces (high-rise office buildings, retail shopping centers, hotels, and resorts), residential projects (high-rise condominiums, apartment complexes, and residential homes), industrial facilities (warehouses, dams, and water treatment plants), entertainment venues (theaters and stadiums), and mixed-use projects.

  • Defended a prominent real estate agent, who was accused of causing $2 million in damages for failing to adequately disclose defects in title with regard to the sale of two commercial properties, and obtained the agent’s complete dismissal from the action.
  • Obtained immediate relief at the outset of litigation on behalf of a prominent real estate investor against two real estate professionals, both of whom were represented by preeminent celebrity counsel for the late recording artist, Michael Jackson, for defrauding the investor into purchasing real property.
  • Enforced a real estate investor’s contractual rights against a real estate development company renowned for its outdoor “city-center” retail plaza developments.
  • Enforced a commercial lease on behalf of a real estate developer operating $1 billion in residential, office, retail, and industrial properties against an out-of-state electronics distributor.

Personal Injury

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Personal injury victims suffer physically, financially, and emotionally. Injuries can be catastrophic and life-changing. Victims deserve just compensation for their injuries and losses.

We aggressively seek compensation for personal injury, property damage, medical damage, pain and suffering, and lost wages. We act quickly to ensure prompt and maximum recovery. We immediately investigate the case, contact all relevant parties, and collect evidence. When responsible parties fail to provide adequately compensation, we vigorously pursue the matter in court. 

In litigating the case, we draw on our extensive litigation experience. Our attorneys have litigated multimillion dollar actions and handled countless personal injury cases. We have the insight to litigate a successful personal injury claim and the expertise to cut through courtroom politics and trial procedure.


  • Represented a robbery victim against a national bank after a string of widely reported robberies occurred in the bank’s vicinity and obtained a high, confidential settlement.
  • Represented a motorcyclist, who was severely injured in a head-on collision with a drunk motorist, and obtained a high, confidential settlement.
  • Represented a driver and passenger who were severely injured in a head-on collision that rendered his vehicle a total loss and obtained a high, confidential settlement. 
  • Represented a victim of a brutal attack against a shopping mall landlord for failing to adequately protect customers after several reported attacks occurred on the shopping mall’s premises and obtained a high, confidential settlement.
  • Represented a driver who was severely injured in a rear-end collision and obtained a high, confidential settlement.
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Trusts, Wills & Estates

Estate planning is an important matter that deserves every person’s attention. A general estate plan directs the distribution of a person’s assets upon death. A well-articulated estate plan avoids unnecessary estate taxes and probate costs, clearly expresses a person’s intent, and plans for incapacity and other uncertainties.

We help you prepare well-articulated estate plans. We help you avoid unnecessary estate taxes and probate costs, allowing you to pass more assets to your beneficiaries. We help you avoid conflict by clearly expressing your intent and carefully arranging estate planning documents. We help you plan the management of your estate in the event of incapacity. We work closely with you to select the best course of action to address your concerns, shield your assets, and protect your family. We tailor each estate plan to satisfy your exact needs and specific desires.

We prepare estate plans for all sizes and types of estates. We have prepared estate plans for multimillion dollar estates as well as estates that are valued significantly less. We have prepared complex estate plans that involved a variety of assets and a diverse range of business interests. We have also prepared simple estate plans that required only a will, power of attorney, and healthcare directive.


  • Crafted a multimillion dollar estate plan for a legendary Hong Kong producer of martial arts films.
  • Formed family limited partnerships to limit liability, manage wealth distribution, and streamline business operations for a real estate financier.
  • Organized a family limited liability company that managed various apartment complexes to limit liability, avoid unnecessary estate taxation, and streamline administration. 
  • Formed a multimillion dollar estate plan for a securities funds manager.
  • Created a special needs trust for the care of a developmentally disabled child.

Family Law

Minor disagreements between spouses are to be expected. Prolonged, destructive conflict is not. When such conflict arises and divorce ensues, we offer aggressive legal representation.

Having litigated contentious multimillion dollar family law actions, our attorneys understand the complexities, hostilities, and anxieties relating to the issues of property division, spousal support, child custody and visitation, and child support. At the outset of the case, we quickly ascertain your needs, determine your goals, and carefully investigate the opposition’s claims. Armed with a thorough understanding of the case, we ardently advocate your interests with compassion and zeal. 

We also prepare prenuptial agreements, postnuptial marital agreements, and cohabitation agreements. During consultation, we examine your assets, debts, and obligations. We take a pragmatic and sensitive approach to ensure dialogue, promote understanding, and establish peace of mind.


  • Represented a celebrated Hollywood producer and director, whose assets included royalties from a long-running, internationally-syndicated sitcom and royalties from acclaimed feature films, in his divorce from his wife.
  • Represented a spouse, after substituting in as new counsel just one month before trial in an action seeking additional property and spousal support, and obtained a complete dismissal of the entire action, with no award of any property or support.
  • Represented a spouse in a divorce proceeding involving the distribution of domestic and international assets valued at approximately $25 million and prepared a favorable marital settlement agreement.
  • Represented a petitioner for guardianship of a minor’s estate containing insurance proceeds and other assets.
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